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KIO YAMOTO OPTICS is a blend of artistic and philosophic influences throughout time.

The name says it all. "Kio Yamato" is not a person's name. "Kio" means pure and clean. "Yamato" is the name of an ancient Japanese province and means "The Great Peace." This was the site of a Japanese court known for its splendor, and technological and cultural advances-and also known for symbolizing grace and wisdom.

Styles are inspired from the past, the present and inspirations for the future. KIO YAMOTO continuously strives to blend the often opposing forces of simplicity and luxury with traditional sophistication and trend.

This collection is steered by a visionary that loves to create individual imagery and style that results in a unique fashion line that is channeled and focused for the individual.

Kio Yamato frames have clean lines and an artistic balance unmatched in the optical fashion industry. Kio translates as pure and clean and Yamato is a province with the description "The Great Peace."

Kio Yamato is not a person's name. It is the philosophy of an eyewear line that isn't stuck in the 'now'. Kio Yamato looks to the future to develop the fashion needs now using titanium technology other eyewear companies are just learning about. We have been chosen specifically to represent this philosophy.

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